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Qingdao Eastchem Inc. is a professional enterprise in Production, R&D and Trade distribution for the chemical products such as the Activated Bleaching Earth/Clay, the cenospheres, the Pentane, the ISO-Pentane, the Hexane, the Melamine, the hexamine, the sodium nitrite, the sodium nitrate and the Urea, etc. Its commodities have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions in the world. Over more than 10 years' development, Qingdao Eastchem Inc. has established strategic alliance partnerships with many customers all over the world.

Activated Bleaching Earth

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Product Profile
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Process Flow Sheet

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Attapulgite Granule Bleaching Earth

Product Name: Attapulgite Granule Bleaching Earth
Other Name:Granular Attapulgus、Palygorskite Granule、Attapulgus Granule、Granulated Attapulgus、Attapulgite、Palygorskite
HS Code:20584000.00
Shape: white, gray granular

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P-Toluene Sulfonic acid

Product Name: P-Toluene Sulfonic acid
Other Name: PTSA
CAS NO.: 104-15-4, 6192-52-5
HS NO.:2904100000

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Melamine powder 99.8% min

Product Name: Melamine
CAS NO.: 108-78-1
HS NO.:2933610000
Purity: 99.8%
Appearance: White, innoxious, flavorless crystalline powder

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Ammonium Chloride 99.5% Industrial grade

Product name:Ammonium Chloride
H.S. No.: 2827109000
CAS.No.: 12125-02-9

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Superabsorbent Polymer

Product Name: SAP superabsorbent polymer
CAS NO.: 39069090
EINECS No.: 208-750-2
APPEARANCE: white granular

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Product Name: Paraformaldehyde
Brand Name: EASTCHEM
CAS NO.: 30525-89-4
EINECS NO.:200-001-8
Molecular Form: (CH2O)n
Purity: 92%, 96%, 98%
Appearance and Properties: white powder or granule

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