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Attapulgite Granule Bleaching Earth


Product Name: Attapulgite Granule Bleaching Earth
Other Name:Granular Attapulgus、Palygorskite Granule、Attapulgus Granule、Granulated Attapulgus、Attapulgite、Palygorskite
HS Code:20584000.00
Shape: white, gray granular

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Brief introduction of product:

1).Product Name: Attapulgite Granular Bleaching Earth

2).Other Name:Attapulgite Granule、Palygorskite Granule、Attapulgus Granule、Granulated Attapulgus、Attapulgite、Palygorskite

3).CAS No.:121714-11-7

4).HS No.:20584000.00
5).Appearance: white, gray granular
6).Package: 25kgs/1000kgs PP woven bag with PE inner liner


Mesh Size(40-120)%
≧ 8590
Bulk Density, g/ml0.5-1.00.75g/cm3
PH Value2.0-8.06.0
Decoloring Rate,%≧ 8082
≦ 103.8


Mesh Size(20-40)%
≧ 8590
Bulk Density, g/ml0.5-1.00.80g/cm3
PH Value2.0-8.06.4
Decoloring Rate,%≧ 8081
≦ 102.9

It can be applied to all kinds of oil and grease, including vegetable and edible oil,disel/kerosene refining, lube/motor/ engineer oil, bad black oil parraffin, wax,wasted lubricants ,soap and animal oil ,lard,fish oil ,tallow.

   Attapulgite Granular is a down-stream of mineral product. The high and stable quality is very important. Our Quality Control System work from the planting Management and Raw Material Management includes processing Management、Finished Producing Management and Logistics Management.

The Attapulgite granular

    The most important properties of attapulgite granular are adsorption and decolorizing ability. Adsorption mainly means physical and chemical adsorption. Physical adsorption is attributed to Van Der Waal’s forces. This force is commonly found both on the surface of the adsorbent and among molecules of adsorbate. As a result, the physical adsorption is non-selective but easy to reach equilibrium and has a better adsorption speed. Chemical adsorption is through chemical linkage with a significant selectivity. The decoloration for fats and oils is by adsorbing and removing the pigment, which is in the state of the colloidal particles dispersed in the oil or dissolved in oil.


    As one of Chinese largest Attapulgite granular suppliers, Qingdao Eastchem Inc exported products to over 20 countries in the world including Singapore,Japan and the United Arab Emirates. Our products are highly acknowledged by our clients for its larger surface area, strong adsorption capacity and high decoloration efficiency.

                  Package: 25kgs/1000kgs PP woven bag with PE inner liner

   Attapulgite has a good decolorization, deodorization and high-speed filtration characteristics, at the same time can remove heavy metals and carcinogens, Known as the King of the earth.

   The reserves of Chinese attapulgite clay is more than 500 million tons, ranking first in the world.Chinese bentonite mineral resources have been more than eight billion tons, accounting for 70% of global quantity. Highest in the world.Eastchem utilizes China's abundant mineral resources to build a technologically advanced factory supplying 50,000 tons per year and exporting to more than 50 countries.

   Qingdao Eastchem is professional Chemical raw materials suppliers in China. Its commodities have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions in the world. Over more than 20 years' development,about 100~200 containers of products are delivered to all over the world every month, such as Malaysia, UAE,Italy,Japan, Korea,Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iran, India, Syria, Oman, Turkey and so on. Our products are becoming more and more popular as a result of its good quality and satisfied price.

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