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ISO-Pentane 78-78-4


Product Name: ISO-Pentane 78-78-4
HS NO.: 2901100000
Largest Supplier of ISO-Pentane in North China
Professional Filling Team in Hazardous Field
Professional supplier of Pentane with the package of ISO-TANK and Steel Drum

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Pentane is a naturally occurring compound found in crude oil and natural gas condensate. Pentane refers to a molecule that has five carbon atoms with only hydrogen atoms bonded to the carbons.

Relying on our logistics ,we become professional supplier of Pentane and Hexane with the package of ISO-TANK and Steel Drum in North China.

Main Application

Mainly used as solvent of catalyst in poly ethylene producing, as foaming agent of EPS(Expandable polystyrene) and polyurethane foam system, to make chemical materials such as isoprene, etc.

Certificate of Analysis

Isopentane (wt%)≥ 95
N-Pentane & Isopentane (wt%)≥ 99
C4 and lighter component (wt%)≤ 1
Olefin (wt%)0
Free water (wt%)0.005
Sulfur (ppm)≤ 3

We can provide you with different purity with the mixture of ISO-Pentane and N-Pentane, such as 80% ISO-Pentane and 20% N-Pentane, 60% ISO-Pentane and 40% N-Pentane and so on.


Handling and Storage
Store in a cool dry well ventilated area. Keep away from heat and flame. Do not get in eyes, on skin, or on clothing.

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