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Qingdao Eastchem Inc organized staffs participating in the team training——《Gold of The Desert King》on 22th,June,2013.

《Gold of The Desert King》is a classical experimental training course which was introduced from Eagle’s Flight company,Canada. It has been included in the EMBA course by Tsinghua University、Zhejiang University、Shanghai University and Fudan University. Learn More >>


Manager of Alibaba Qingdao District visited Qingdao Eastchem Inc on 17th,June,2013

Mr Jingning Wang, Manager of Alibaba Qingdao district, come to our company to directed the new employees operate the Alibaba commerce platform on 17th,June,2013. meanwhile,he provisioned the specifications in the future operation. Learn More >>


China Citic Bank visited Qingdao Eastchem Inc on 18th,June,2013

English: Miss Zhang Li,the assistant general manager of China Citic Bank,Qingdao Branch,visited QingdaoEastchem Inc and had a business talk on 18th,June,2013. Manager Jiacheng Tian received her. Learn More >>


The Brief Introduction of Cenospheres

Appearance of Cenospheres is gray. It is a loose, liquid powder material. The characteristics of hollow grey glass beads are: sound insulation, flame resistance, good electrical insulation, small density, low oil absorption rate, and high strength. Widely used in printing ink, adhesive, modified engineering plastics, rubber, Learn More >>


The Characteristics and Applications of Pentane

Pentane, an industrial chemical, is colorless and smells like mint. Its boiling point is 36.1¡æ and it dissolves in the organic solvents such as ethanol, diethyl ether, benzene, chloroform and so on. Pentane suppliers usually sell it to the companies in the industries of fuel, foaming and polyethylene. Learn More >>


The First Session Foreign Trading Got Talent of Qingdao Chember of E-Commerce

The Quarter-final of First Session Foreign Trading Got Talent of Qingdao Chember of E-Commerce was held in Chengyang District Qingdao on 13th,July,2013. Ms Joyce Li participated in the competition on behalf of Qingdao Eastchem Inc. Finally,Ms Joyce Li defeated other competitors,and successfully entered into the Learn More >>


The Properties and Production Profile of Pentane

Pentane is an organic compound that contains five carbon atoms. It is a member of alkane family, with chemical formula of C5H12. Pentane is highly combustible, slightly soluble in water, and soluble in most organic solvents such as alcohol, ether, acetone, benzene and chloroform etc. There are three structural isomers of Learn More >>


The Three Musketeers of Pentane

The name of pentane seems a little fresh to us, but it is closely linked to our daily life. The chemical formula of pentane is C5H12, and it is the fifth member of alkanes. Its density is less than the water. Pentane is flammable and explosive. And it has three kinds of isomers: n-pentane, Activated bleaching earth and Learn More >>

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