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The reserves of Chinese attapulgite clay is more than 500 million tons, ranking first in the world.Chinese bentonite mineral resources have been more than eight billion tons, accounting for 60% of global quantity, Highest in the world. Chinese Diatomite reserves of 320 million tons, ranking second in the world. Qingdao Eastchem Inc. is situated in the field of Bentonite. Chinese large reserves of bentonite have laid a solid foundation for us to produce bentonite products, explore the research on relevant betonite、attapulgite、diatomaceous earth products , expand the market and improve our competitiveness.

Attapulgite Granule Bleaching Earth

Product Name: Attapulgite Granule Bleaching Earth
Other Name:Granular Attapulgus、Palygorskite Granule、Attapulgus Granule、Granulated Attapulgus、Attapulgite、Palygorskite
HS Code:20584000.00
Shape: white, gray granular

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Diatomaceous Earth

Product Name:Diatomaceous Earth
CAS No: 61790-53-2
HS NO.:25120000
Application: Filter
Packing:20kgs/30kgs/50kgs/1000kgs or arranged according to your request

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Product name:Bentonite
Cas No:1302-78-9
H.S No:2508100000
Packaging:25kg per bag

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