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Melamine Monthly Review: The Market Is Slowly Rising (January 2023)

1. This month's market review

1.1 Analysis of domestic melamine price trend

In January, China's melamine market showed a slow upward trend as a whole. After the New Year's Day, the downstream has successively suspended work and holidays, and the rigid demand has gradually decreased. Before the Spring Festival and during the holidays, the market was in a festive atmosphere, with few transactions, and the price adjustment was of little significance, and the market passed smoothly. After the festival, as the logistics gradually resumed, enterprises mainly carried out orders waiting to be shipped before the festival, and the start of work remained at a low level. The pressure on production, sales and inventory was not great, and some manufacturers quoted supplementary increases. After the festival, the recovery of the downstream market is limited, and most of them have not resumed work intensively. Some enterprises are relatively cautious in adjusting prices and mainly wait and see.


2.Market analysis and forecast for the next month

In addition, for the forecast for the next three months, the market is basically in the traditional peak season of consumption, and it is necessary to pay attention to the level of downstream construction. In a state of relatively loose supply and demand, dealers and downstream users will mostly purchase at low prices, and there are still resistance to high prices. Sentiment, the price is expected to maintain a narrow range in the later period.

Remark: The analysis is based on transaction in China’s domestic market, it’s only for reference.

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